“The freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps.”

–       Robert Benchley.

Like many of my fellow Millennials – not to mention writers, I have learned to survive on a sparse budget. Yet the cost of producing Drive All Night will be anything but sparse.

There are two ways in which you can help.

#1: Spread the Word. Most of the Millennials I have spoken to I’ve met through friends, work colleagues, and social media connections. If you know any Millennials who might be interested in being interviewed, by all means, direct them to the website. The same goes for any literary agents or publishers. As of now, Drive All Night is being shopped to agencies. (An update will come when a deal is reached.)

#2: Make a Donation. We live in a world where news media is often free. But it takes time and money to produce the stories most of us consume on a daily basis – especially when that media is funded by the author. If you’ve enjoyed the Millennial interviews and posts on, please consider making a donation of your choosing via the PayPal link below. Anything helps. $5-10 = Meal. $25 = Full Day’s Expenses. $50 = Motel. You get the idea. And for good measure, all donors will receive a personalized thank you postcard from the road, and recognition in the final manuscript.

Donate Button with Credit Cards


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