I am a member of the Millennial Generation, and Drive All Night is my attempt to document the wildly diverse triumphs and tribulations of my generation and their invaluable worth to young people.  Every generation needs stories that inspire empathy, consciousness, and in hard times, the hope of redemption. And when I look to the Millennials I have encountered in life – more often than not, I see displays of ingenuity, strength, and altruism.

Drive All Night will feature firsthand accounts from Millennials who have survived the post-recession economy and achieved some measure of personal happiness on their own terms, as well as Millennials who are still struggling to start their lives against a backdrop of economic ruin. These stories will not only appear on this blog, but a handful will enjoy a life in print as well. I am currently hard at work turning the stories Drive All Night into a forthcoming book. The finished narrative will be drawn from two months of travel and Millennial interviews which I undertook this past summer.


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  2. juliegreenart

    Hi Miles (a comment I left on my own blog but I thought I would leave it here too because you’re amazing!),

    That’s great – I love finding odd leads to amazing blogs. Yours is really fantastic. I love your ideas and the way you write, it’s all rather outstanding and I am really glad you’re doing what you’re doing! We need more people like you: articulate, intelligent, empathetic, etc. You know what’s going on and you write in a most accessible, interesting way. I can’t quite articulate myself as well as you but I can try!

    I feel like you are giving me far more praise than I deserve, but I appreciate this, and I want to say the same things for you, and much more. Empathy is of huge importance right now, you’re right. I love your awareness and your drive to create positive change when other people my age seem so disheartened and perhaps disillusioned. I want to be more involved in getting these things – chronicling life as a Millennial and being aware of global events and cultural differences, with empathy and empowerment in mind – into more public view. Really all the best to you in making your book. I cannot wait to see it out there and published. It makes me want to write a book too.

    Thank you. I will definitely keep up my art and even if abstract/creative thinking is sometimes/often undervalued by mainstream, that’s how I roll. And someone has said to me that while that is hard to begin with, he believes I’ll benefit from it in the long run. I do hope it will make a serious comeback because we need it!

    Thank you so much for this amazing comment. I am really enthusiastic about your project if you can’t tell and I think I’m a little baffled with words to know just how to compliment you on what you’re doing. But all the best and I hope we can keep in touch. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your posts!

    Julie x

  3. mileswhoward Post author

    Julie, thanks so much for the kind words. I’m glad to see that the intent of the website and the book hit close to home for you. I think one of the scariest things I can imagine is what would happen if the majority of people our age simply “gave up” on qualities like empathy, resilience, and innovation. In some ways, it feels like that’s exactly what previous generations did! And look how the world has turned out.

    Abstract/creative thinking may be undervalued by the mainstream now, but I predict it will make a serious comeback. When people are panicked, they tend to look for the easiest answers. On paper, vocational wealth seems to spell the tidiest end to our economic problems. But to create a sustainable future, we’re going to need bigger, bolder ideas than “raise taxes and cut spending.” Especially as more and more jobs are automated by technology. (Don’t get me started on that topic!)

    But again, thank you. I look forward to keeping tabs on our respective work.

  4. Heather

    I have recently discovered and perused through your blog and want to thank you for getting out there and making the voice of many Millennials heard. Many of us are faced with a difficult future having seemingly done everything right up until this point. I look forward to hearing the variety of stories you have to tell about a generation full of strong and compassionate individuals.


    1. mileswhoward Post author

      Thank you for the kind words, Heather. I’m glad the project has resonance with you. Hopefully, there’s a wide audience for these stories. If you’d ever like to share your experiences, I’m an email away.


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