Miles Howard

Head1For most of the 24 years I’ve spent under the sun, my driving goal in life has been to simply “explore”. As a journalist and essayist, I’ve profiled competitive bodybuilders, eaten alligator meat, lived in a shack in the middle of the woods, visited a sexology commune in Southern California, and gotten lost in East Berlin’s underground club labyrinth. These experiences have made for some killer stories, a lot of words, and even a paycheck or two.

But what interests me most about any story is the cast of characters.

Over 6 billion people call this planet home, and every one of us experiences life through a personalized lens. I believe that to look into the viewfinder of another human being, to see the world through their lens, is one of the most thrilling and enlightening forms of growth. With Drive All Night, I hope to deepen my comprehension of the Millennial experience, and share that understanding with audiences.

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