Summer Sneak Peek

Ah, spring. The air is full of birdsong, fluttering petals, pollen-induced sneezes, and a springiness that seems to lend itself to grabbing your backpack and taking off out the back door while there’s still daylight left. Approximately 52 days from now, that’s what I’ll be doing. For those of you who haven’t visited the Tour Dates section in a while, the official travel itinerary for Drive All Night is now 100% confirmed and online.

Before going mobile, I wanted to share a sneak peek at what will look like and feature this summer.

Millennial Video Candids

Note: the candids will NOT be shot like Kurtz’s monologue from Apocalypse Now.

In case I haven’t said it earlier, I’ll be speaking to a LOT of Millennial-aged Americans on this trip. Some of them I’ll be shadowing for an entire day; Geraldo Rivera style. Others, I’ll be meeting by chance on buses or at the homes of those kind enough to be putting me up for the night. What you can be sure of is that many of the resultant conversations and stories will be captured on video and posted here.

Daily Road Diary

Galloping antelope: a common danger in the north of Texas.

I can’t think of a road trip I’ve been on that didn’t contain some kind of bizarre or eye-catching encounter: voracious mice building a nest in my car trunk, me literally bumping into the late Vaclav Havel, or politely declining a lap dance from a 300-pound man in a sailor suit. (All true stories.) Each day, I’ll share the best stories of the past 24 hours in post form; hopefully with photographic evidence.

Instagram Feed


For better or worse, modern culture is driven by visuals. It would be unthinkable to document a cross-country interview trip without a solid stream of pictures to give it vicariousness. So rest assured, every day you’ll see many sights from my perspective. To add an earthbound aspect to the documentation, all Drive All Night images will be shot with strictly consumer-grade cameras. Let’s face it: I don’t know how to properly use an SLR camera and I’m not about to become one of those young people who owns one and lugs it around just because. Besides, the iPhone built-in camera has been put to remarkable use in the last few years.

Friends In All Places

This project wouldn’t be possible without acts of generosity from friends, family members, and new acquaintances. It could be a warm place to stay for the evening, or a complimentary subway token, but the bottom line is, anyone who contributes to Drive All Night will be recognized here in flying colors. And to begin with, I’d like to introduce you all to my friend Grahame Turner.

Grahame knows his Swedish consumer products.

Grahame knows his Swedish consumer products.

A Patch editor for Brookline and Needham by daylight, Grahame has already volunteered to help me manage the Drive All Night social media platforms over the course of the trip: a most gracious offer, given that I’m certain to find myself in places or situations free of internet here and there. Grahame lives in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood and is always electric with conversation that can elicit tears of laughter and enlightenment. I highly recommend taking him out for a beer if you’re in the area anytime soon.

Until then, onward and upward. Enjoy these calm weeks of spring while they last. Because this June…

See you on the other side,



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