Drive All Night

ImageTake a trip to Farmington, New Mexico this summer and you might encounter a bumper crop of carrots planted by this week’s Millennial voice: Debbie. A 22 year-old New Jersey native, writer-at-heart, and gardening guru, Debbie went west for a liberal arts college education in 2008. Following graduation, she arranged to spend two years in Africa completing agricultural projects for the Peace Corps. But her plans were derailed by a crushing double-diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid cancer. Shattered – but determined to rebuild her life with what means she had – Debbie embarked upon an affirming journey that took her to Buddhist chants, a rugged all-girls summer camp in rural Vermont, ukulele lessons, and finally, back to the desert, where she now arranges mentoring partnerships for multiage children. This spring, she hopes to create a community garden for her young peers.

This is Debbie’s story.

Let’s start with…

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