The Nod of Approval

Yesterday, just a few hours after posting my recent interview with Debbie (which you should totally check out if you haven’t aready), I received a notification that Drive All Night had acquired a new comment that required my attention. During the infancy of any blog, this kind of update is the equivalent of an egotistical Whippit. “Woo-hoo! Someone not only took the time to read what I’ve written, but they added some words of their own!”

So imagine my surprise when I learned that Drive All Night has been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.


This generous tipping of the hat came courtesy of Lauren Seidl, author and moderator of Life on a Branch. Lauren is a fellow Millennial writer and she chronicles her post-college experiences with wit and compassion. For anyone dealing with the uncertainty of being young in 2013, I highly recommend taking a good gander at some of Lauren’s recent posts – such as “10 things I would have done if I knew I’d be unemployed for a year.” Speaking as someone working odd jobs between blogging and pitching literary agents and publishing houses, I found myself taking more than a few notes.

I’ll admit – it feels almost disarming to have Drive All Night recognized so soon. When I compare the calendar of upcoming posts with the quota that have actually gone live…let’s just say garnering any kind of award has been one of the last things on my mind; right down there with getting married or buying a condo. But I’m very grateful to Lauren, for making the effort to understand Drive All Night and utimately open the project to a wider audience with this nomination. Which, of course, is one of the central priorities of Drive All Night.

Still, let’s get one thing straight. This award – to borrow a term from former Vice Presidential candidate and USA-Russia relations expert Sarah Palin – is not a “handout.” With digital prestige, comes digitial responsibility: in this case, a set of rules for all nominees.

1/ Display award logo on your blog; 2/ Link back to the person who nominated you; 3/ State 7 things about yourself; 4/ Nominate 15 Bloggers for this award; 5/ Notify those bloggers

First, here are the seven factoids about me:

  1. I grew up in a town called Winchester, just outside of Boston. Though I never developed an accent.
  2. Up until Middle School, I was a lethargic butterball with no enthusiasm for sports. It got to the point where my father drove me down to the local track and made me jog laps before dinner. Six years later, I was running the mile at track meets.
  3. The key to my heart is a picnic of black angus steak sandwiches on the beach at sunset, with Chromatics’ Kill For Love playing from portable speakers.
  4. I have been called a “communist” on more than one occasion. (Both times in America.)
  5. The outdoors is my second home. Ideally, I’d like to build my own house by hand in the countryside but spend extended periods of time in busy cities.
  6. Despite years of weight lifting, I have the crappiest lower back one could wish for, and have taken to sleeping on the floor. It’s actually more comfortable for me!
  7. Most of my family is either involved in education or the arts. We’re abstract thinkers, which translates to “a little crazy, but proud of it.”

Now, the 15 bloggers I’m nominating for this award:

1: The Surfer Stoke Project

2: V-Hypnagogic-Logic

3: #BrokeMillennials

4: Reason & Existenz

5: Life Here At Twenty Something

6: Dear Brook Blog

7: besthike

8: So-Called Millennials

9: Career Avoidance 101

10: Just Add Cheese

11: 31 Days Of Awesome

12: Julie Green Art

13: posi+ively_biased

14: Hitch-Hikers’ Handbook

15: Stain of Poetry

Robert Redford approves too!

And there you have it, folks! I encourage all of you to check out these blogs and the exciting ideas behind them. Luckily for all inquisitive readers, the internet remains a frontier that yields new discoveries each day.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back this weekend for the next Millennial voice of Drive All Night. SPOILER: this one involves immigration!




9 thoughts on “The Nod of Approval

  1. juliegreenart

    Holy crap! I’m on there! You’re amazing. Really. I love this blog. Thank you for this and thank you for making Drive All Night. It’s inspiring to say the least x

  2. Dreamer of Dreams

    Wow! I feel honored, Miles! Thanks for the nomination! And of course, I LOVE your blog — it combines a sense of your individuality with a sense of responsible collectivism in the best sense of the word.

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  4. dearbrookblog

    aww! Thank you so much for the nomination Miles! There are some really good blogs on that list and I’m honored I’m part of it 🙂 Keep doing what you’re doing and thank you!

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  6. Natalie

    🙂 Miles, you just made my day a whole lot better. Seriously, you boosted some waning morale. I admire your writing, and so I’m honored that you like my project.

    I was truly relieved to find your blog, and I love the concept. I hope all is well on your end, and thank you for the nomination. Take care. -Natalie


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